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Stage one - Additional information form

When and how to start the CIL process

Who needs to submit the form?

You'll need to submit a CIL additional information requirement form (form 0) with any new planning application for the following types of development:

  • new dwellings including conversions
  • residential annexes
  • retail warehouses
  • supermarkets

Why we need the form

The information you provide on the form enables us to:

  • determine whether or not CIL is payable
  • calculate the chargeable amount

If you don't supply this information it may invalidate your application, and lead to delays with your planning application.


Please download and complete the Planning Portal's CIL additional information requirement form.

To complete the form you'll need:

  • the site address
  • a description of the development

CIL additional information requirement form

You can email the form to us, or send it in the post (our contact details are at the bottom of the page).

Existing floorspace

Where buildings are demolished to make way for new buildings, the charge will be based on the floorspace of new buildings less the floorspace of the demolished buildings. But you:

  • must demonstrate that the existing floorspace (to be demolished) has been in continuous lawful use for at least six months in the last three years (prior to the development being permitted), and
  • must supply evidence to support your claim

If no information is received, under CIL Regulations Schedule 1, we may not deduct the existing floorspace.

Important note

It is an offence to knowingly or recklessly supply information which is false or misleading to us as a charging authority. This is in accordance with Regulation 110 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations.