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Stage five - Commencement notices

When CIL becomes chargeable

Submitting a commencement notice (stage 5a)

You must submit a commencement notice form to us before the development starts. This must be submitted and received by us at least one day before starting any work. This informs us when the development is going to start, and forms the basis of the dates that CIL payments will become due.

To submit a commencement notice you'll need to:

  • give a site address
  • give a description of the development
  • tell us when the development will start

Download a commencement notice form

You can email the form to us, or send it in the post (our contact details are at the bottom of the page).

Failure to submit this form prior to commencement, or providing an incorrect commencement date will result in the following:

  • if your planning permission was approved between 15 February 2017 and 31 August 2019 and you have been issued relief or exemption, you'll lose the relief or exemption
  • we will issue a penalty surcharge

If no-one assumes liability to pay, then liability will rest with the landowner. Where we have to identify who the landowners are, we can impose a penalty surcharge.

If you want to change the commencement date you submitted, just send us a revised commencement notice.

Once development starts, liability can't be withdrawn. But you can transfer liability up to the date final payment is due.

If you submit a commencement notice, and then transfer liability before final payment is due, we'll acknowledge receipt and re-issue the liability and demand notices to reflect the change in liability.

What is classed as commencement?

Commencement is classed as any material operation that is carried out on the relevant land, which includes:

  • the erection of a building
  • demolition of a building
  • digging of a trench
  • laying of underground pipes or mains
  • any operation to construct a road
  • any change in the use of land that is classed as material development.


Please contact the CIL Officer on 01553 616443 if you have any questions or disagree with any aspect of the CIL prior to making an appeal.

You can appeal against a deemed commencement date. This must be made to The Planning Inspectorate within 28 days of the date the demand notice was issued.

How we'll acknowledge the commencement notice (stage 5b)

We'll record and acknowledge receipt, in writing, of your commencement notice and issue a demand notice.