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Landscape Character Assessment

How we protect landscape features and patterns

Aim and findings of the study

The aims of the study were to protect landscape features and patterns that contribute to landscape diversity. And to enhance their quality, character and function.

They key issues identified by the study are outlined under the headings below.

Built development

  • expansion of suburban character and pattern
  • use of standardised housing designs
  • inappropriate building methods/materials
  • details that ignore the look of the local area


  • loss of tranquillity from road and development growth
  • widespread lighting
  • increase in power lines
  • telecommunication masts
  • wind turbines and associated buildings

Small-scale and incremental change

  • gentrification
  • suburbanisation and extension of rural settlements, dwellings and gardens
  • loss of agricultural land for gardens
  • planting of exotic species
  • urban style fencing and lighting

Settlements in their landscape settings

  • relationship between settlement core and landscape severed by settlement expansion
  • new development unsympathetic to original settlement pattern and relationship with landscape
  • poor relationships between settlement and landscape/key views/landmarks/other landscape features

Recreation and tourism

  • access infrastructure
  • horse-related developments
  • golf courses

Climate change

  • reducing the causes of climate change through energy conservation/efficiency and increased use of renewable energy sources
  • adapting to the consequences of climate change in relation to flood risk and sea level rise

You can view the assessment documents below.