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Asked to leave your property

What to do if you've been asked to leave your property

Check your rights

If you have been asked to leave your property, whether verbally or in writing, check your rights and options before you leave your home.

Always keep a copy of any correspondence you receive from your landlord or letting agent.

Find out what type of tenancy or licence you have by using the Shelter Tenancy Rights Checker. This will then explain what process a landlord must follow to end it. 

Other factors

If your home is provided as part of your work, your rights may be affected by employment law too.

If you live in the same house as your landlord you will have less rights and your landlord is allowed to give you 'reasonable notice' which can be quite short.

Our advice service 

If you have been served a notice, and want housing advice from us please contact us on 01553 616675.