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Voting in person

How to vote in person at a polling station

Polling stations

Just before an election we will send you a polling card. This card will tell you when to vote and where your polling station is located.

You can also find your nearest polling station by entering your postcode below:

How to vote

On election day, you should go to your polling station to vote. When you get there you'll need to tell them your name and address. You may choose to show them your polling card as this will tell them who you are. You'll be given a ballot paper. This lists the people you can vote for. 

You should take the ballot paper into a polling booth and put an X next to the name of the person you wish to vote for. Sometimes you'll be able to vote for more than one person. If so the ballot paper will tell you. You should then fold the ballot paper and place it in the ballot box.

Emergency proxy

If you plan to vote in person but suffer a medical emergency at the last minute (for example, you are rushed to hospital), you can apply to appoint an emergency proxy.

Voting with a disability

We believe that voting in elections in our area should be accessible to all and welcome anyone with a disability who wishes to vote. Staff at the polling stations will offer assistance where possible and all of the polling stations have some, if not full, disabled access.

Dimensions UK have provided a handy Voting Passport for people with learning disabilities and autism. This can be filled in beforehand and given to the polling station staff to help them provide any support needed.