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Complaints and Reviews

Complaints and reviews

The following is information about reviewing gambling premises licence


All of our licensed premises and clubs have mandatory conditions which they have to comply with.

Most also have conditions that relate to them specifically. These can include:

  • how they work to avoid public nuisance
  • whether they need to have security staff
  • sound levels for music (if these have been put onto the licence by our Community Safety and Neighbourhood Nuisance Team)

If you have a complaint against one of our licensed premises, please email or write to us with the details. We will raise the issue with an enforcement officer to investigate.

Should you experience repeated issues with a premises, you do have the option of calling a review on the premises or club, details on these procedures are outlined below.


There are two main routes for initiating a review of a premises licence. They are:

  • a responsible authority (including the local police or the Gambling Commission) or an interested party can request that a licensing authority reviews a particular premises licence
  • a licensing authority can initiate a review by its own accord (for example, if it received complaints from the public about a particular premises or a class of premises)

A responsible authority or interested party may apply at any time for a review of a licence. An application for a review can be rejected if we think the grounds on which it is made:

  • don't raise an issue relevant to the guidance, code of practice, policy or licensing objectives
  • are frivolous
  • are vexatious
  • won't cause us to wish to take any action in respect of the licence
  • are substantially the same as the grounds specified in an earlier application for a review, or substantially the same as representations made in relation to the application for the premises licence