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Surface water

Information about our management plans for surface water flooding

Surface water flooding 

Surface water flooding happens quickly and is hard to predict. It happens when drainage systems are not able to cope with the volume of rainfall. Norfolk county council take the lead in this and have a surface water management plan.

Management plans

We also have plans in place for surface water flooding.

Settlements Surface Water Management Plan

The plan has four parts:

  • management plan part one 
  • management plan part two
  • management plan part three
  • management plan part four

West Norfolk Ordinary Water Courses Study

The study has four parts:

  • study part one
  • study part two
  • study part three
  • study part four

The documents for both the King's Lynn and West Norfolk Settlements Surface Water Management Plan, and the King's Lynn and West Norfolk Ordinary Water Courses Study can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further information

To find out more you can visit Norfolk County Council's website.