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River flooding

Information about river flooding and how we assess it's risk


River flooding happens as a result of water overflowing from river channels. West Norfolk has several rivers that may lead to this type of flooding. The responsibility for river management is with:

  • the Environment Agency
  • Internal Drainage Board
  • those who own land near the river’s edge (riparian owner)

Flooding risk

We have a strategic flood risk assessment to assess the risk of flooding from all sources for planning purposes. For further information please see our flood risk assessment planning page.

The Environment Agency published the Anglian river basin management plan in 2016. This document sets out the:

  • current state of the water environment
  • pressures affecting the water environment
  • environmental objectives for protecting and improving the waters
  • programme of measures, actions needed to achieve the objectives
  • progress since the 2009 plan

It also informs decisions on land-use planning because water and land resources are closely linked. 

The Anglian Flood Risk Management Plans describe the risk of flooding from:

  • rivers
  • the sea
  • surface water
  • groundwater
  • reservoirs

All the plans set out how authorities will work together with communities, to manage flood and coastal risk between 2015 and 2021.