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Tidal flooding

Information about repairs and improvements we have made to the Hunstanton sea front area following storm damage

Tidal surge repairs and improvements

Following damage caused during the December 2013 storms we have completed a number of repairs and improvements. These include:

  • emergency repairs to promenade

Emergency repairs to promenade

  • new flood gates to promenade

new flood gates at the promenade

  • replacement beach patrol hut
  • replacement access ramp to Oasis Leisure Centre
  • relocation of shelter on Cliff Parade (further back from cliff edge)
  • relocation of cliff top shelter (further back from the cliff edge)
  • new fence line installed to cliffs (moved back two metres)
  • replacement street furniture including seating, litter bins and dog bins
  • temporary steps to beach
  • new flood gates to promenade

Other repairs and improvements considered

We have considered doing other repairs and improvements also; these are outlined below.

Raising of promenade wave wall

We had a report carried out on the benefits of raising the promenade wave wall height. We decided not to raise the wall height because:

  • the cost benefit of raising the wall was low
  • the new height would have reduced overtopping by only 25%
  • main reason for flooding was wooden stop logs being removed by wave action
  • tidal surge was 1:1000 year event in King's Lynn and 1:250 year event at Hunstanton
  • only commercial and not domestic properties were protected

You can view this report at the bottom of this page.

Snettisham Beach Road  

We received concerns about the road not being in a good enough condition to allow access for heavy vehicles.

We carried out a survey of the road and have a report to show the road is suitable. You can view this below.