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West Norfolk Tourism Strategy

Our aims for tourism in the area, and the Tourism Forum

What is our tourism strategy?

The West Norfolk Tourism Development Plan is a marketing, promotions and collaborative working strategy document we've produced in partnership with the West Norfolk Tourism Forum. It outlines a set of aims to achieve our vision of developing and managing tourism marketing and promotions within west Norfolk, alongside partnership working to help achieve further aims within the local tourism industry.

Where can I view the strategy?

You can view the draft version of our West Norfolk Tourism Development Plan: 2022-26 at the bottom of this page.

The West Norfolk Tourism Forum

The forum is open to anyone interested in promoting tourism within West Norfolk. The object of the forum is to represent and promote the interests of tourism related enterprises in West Norfolk. The forum promotes:

  • an exchange of opinions
  • the pooling of ideas
  • the pursuit of common objectives by all involved businesses

All members of the Tourism Forum get an invite to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The Forum has an executive committee who meet at least four times per year. There are currently 13 seats provided to organisations (as listed in the constitution), and four seats open to individuals on an open competition basis. These four seats are decided each year at the AGM.

How to join the forum

To become a member of the West Norfolk Tourism Forum please contact our tourism department.