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UKSPF West Norfolk Grant Scheme now closed


Information about how you can access UKSPF funding

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Inspired thinking invited!

The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) has been successful in the securing of UK Shared Prosperity Funding (UKSPF) to invest across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and is seeking forward thinking projects to invest in.

UK Shared Prosperity Funding aims to benefit the whole borough by spreading opportunities to create a sense of community, pride and belonging. We are looking for projects which share this outlook.

We want to invest in aspirational projects that have the potential create a positive change within and around King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. Do you have a project idea? If so, we are interested in hearing more.

Three types of UKSPF West Norfolk Grant Funding opportunities are currently open. Applications may seek capital and/or revenue grant funding from £500 - £10,000. 

A minimum 25% match funding is required. Applications should be returned to by 21 May 2023.

UKSPF West Norfolk Grant Funding opportunities
Seed Funding Grants Town Centre Improvement Grants Visitor Economy Development Grants
Seed funding Seed funding is a small grant scheme providing investment to grow innovation in the local arts, cultural, heritage and creative sector and support the progression of ideas into reality.
Projects should demonstrate a clear vision for positive change which will benefit the borough. Investment can be provided to support the development of new events and programmes, to run test projects and support research into new ideas. .
Town Centre Improvement grants will be invested into inspiring projects which enhance the character and vibrancy of the town centres and high streets of King’s Lynn, Downham Market and Hunstanton.
Projects should consider how to improve the built environment, strengthen the social connections of our town centres and create inclusive spaces to increase footfall, visitor numbers and improve the perception of amenities.
Visitor Economy Development grant funding opportunities are available to contribute towards projects which will support and promote a sustainable, year-round visitor destination.
Projects should consider how to enhance the visitor offer and how UKSPF might add value to planned improvements. Awards could assist businesses or help fund visible improvements to facilities, local attractions, trails, tours and tourism products.
  Projects should be mindful of...  
  • Connecting and strengthening communities
  • Establishing local arts, cultural, heritage and creative engagement opportunities
  • Improving social networks and creating shared values
  • Social, environmental and economic impact
  • Complementing and enhancing the existing offer
  • Underpinning a sense of local pride and belonging
  • Enhancing physical, cultural and social ties and amenities
  • Building resilient and safe neighbourhoods
  • Using innovative approaches to crime prevention
  • Energy efficiency and net zero targets
  • Boosting community cohesion and capacity building
  • Addressing issues of seasonality in staff retention and business growth
  • Resolving connectivity challenges
  • Complementing existing industries and institutions
  • Green tourism and reducing the environmental impact
  Example project themes to stir the imagination...  
  • Creating maker spaces
  • Local exhibitions to showcase local work
  • Performances, literary events or film screenings
  • Engagement programmes and activities
  • Establishing local cultural and heritage networks
  • Digitally connecting physical spaces
  • Regenerating a town square or high street
  • Physical improvements to enhance the public realm
  • Improving community infrastructure and facilities
  • Improved accessibility for people living with disabilities
  • Improved local green spaces
  • Outreach programmes for community spaces
  • Enhancing provision to extend the visitor season
  • Developing of visitor trails and toursDeveloping and promoting local tourist attractions
  • New visitor experiences based around the local offer
  • Improved accessibility for people living with disabilities
  • Sustainable tourism employment projects

Projects will be assessed, and grants awarded following the deadline of 21 May 2023.

All grant funding awarded must be spent and expenditure claimed in full by 31 March 2024.

UKSPF West Norfolk grant applications are open to local authorities, public sector organisations, private sector enterprises, higher and further education institutions, voluntary organisations, registered charities, social enterprises where they engage in economic activity, organisations representing a specific sector and community organisations located, and operating with legal UK status, within the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk borough boundary.

Successful applications must present a deliverable project with a clear priority to add value to the local area to secure UKSPF public sector funding.

Capital funding requested must be spent on lasting assets such as buildings or equipment. Funding awards will follow the Local Authority Capital Finance Framework by ensuring that all UKSPF capital investment contributes to capital projects.  

The minimum amount of UKSPF funding required should be applied for only.  

UKSPF Grants will not be awarded to fund statutory duties or if alternative financing means are available. This will be tested via the application process.

The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk is under no obligation to accept an application or make an award of funding.

Any costs incurred in creating and submitting an application are not eligible for funding.

UK Government Guidance for General Grants and Managing Public Money will be adhered to in the awarding, administering and monitoring of grants.

Three online Q&A sessions have been held to support potential applicants and answer relevant questions regarding grant applications. The presentation from these sessions can be viewed below alongside a summary of the questions asked and answers provided. Please use these alongside the Grant Guidance when completing your application.