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King's Lynn Transport Study and Strategy

Find out more about the work which aims to improve transport reliability and options for King’s Lynn


We're working in partnership with Norfolk County Council (NCC) to create a Transport Strategy for the town. The strategy aims to support sustainable economic growth in King’s Lynn by improving travel choices for all, whilst also:

  • bettering air quality
  • protecting historic areas

The project will help us:

  • understand current and future issues
  • arrive at a series of proposals we can implement

It will provide a focus to improve the town, in line with our initiatives below:

The study aims to unlock the significant potential of King’s Lynn by identifying transport barriers to growth and economic development. It will set out a focus and direction for how these will be addressed, following the direction of the our Local Plan - Core Strategy.


The study's full objectives are, to:

  • provide a safe environment for travel by all modes
  • encourage town centre accessibility by all modes, whilst conserving and enhancing King’s Lynn’s rich historic environment
  • support sustainable housing and economic growth
  • reduce the need to travel by car through development planning
  • manage traffic congestion in King’s Lynn
  • increase active travel mode share for short journeys
  • promote and encourage the use of public transport
  • reduce harmful emissions and air quality impacts


The study will comprise a series of work streams, some of which will run in parallel to one another:

  • undertaking of traffic surveys during spring 2018
  • analysis of the current and future transport problems and issues in King’s Lynn
  • development of possible transport options identified by both us and NCC to address issues
  • building of a micro simulation traffic model detailing the central area of the town to test possible transport schemes
  • stakeholder consultation and workshops for identification of a preferred strategy for us and NCC to pursue


  • Stage 1 - Issues & Opportunities Report - published June 2018
  • Stage 2 - Option Appraisal Report - published June 2019
  • Finalise modelling reports (model build and results of modelling tests) - July to September 2019
  • Finalise air quality modelling - July to September 2019
  • Further refinement of options to produce Preferred Transport Strategy - July to September 2019
  • Prepare a draft Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report based on the appraisal outcomes and modelling work - July to September 2019
  • Present draft Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report to stakeholder briefing - 24 September 2019
  • Present Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report to Norfolk County Council Infrastructure & Development Committee – 13 November 2019
  • Present Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report to Norfolk County Council Cabinet – 2 December 2019
  • Present Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report to Members; R&D panel - 11 December 2019
  • Present Stage 3 Preferred Transport Strategy report to Borough Council Cabinet - 4 February 2020 or an earlier special Cabinet
  • Implement Preferred Transport Strategy - from February 2020 onwards


The overall cost of the project is £300,000. The contributions are:

  • BCKLWN - £75,000
  • NCC - £75,000
  • a joint bid to the Norfolk Business Rate Pool - £150,000

Project documents

Further information

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