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Air quality management areas

Information about air quality management areas in the borough

Management areas

We review and assess the air quality in the borough against national air quality standards & objectives. Where we believe the objectives will not be met, and members of the public affected, we declare it an air quality management area.

We'll then produce an air quality action plan. This shows how we can reduce concentrations of certain pollutants in the air. We may also carry out a further review.

We have two air quality management areas where the level of nitrogen dioxide is above the annual mean. The main source of the nitrogen dioxide is from road traffic. The two area's are:

We monitor nitrogen dioxide in both areas with pollution monitoring stations and diffusion tubes. We are also working with Norfolk County Council to look at ways the traffic related air pollution can be reduced. 

Gaywood Clock Area

The Gaywood Clock area of King's Lynn was declared an air quality management area in 2009.

Further review of Gaywood Clock

The main purpose of this review was to:

  • examine monitoring data to make sure the air quality management area is still valid
  • see if changes or adjustments to the boundary of the air quality management area should be made
  • identify the main sources of the pollution

The main findings were:

  • data from diffusion tube monitoring shows that exceedances of nitrogen dioxide levels continue to be measured
  • updated results confirm the risk of exceedances on the front of residential properties
  • monitoring of nitrogen dioxide outside the air quality management area should continue
  • a maximum reduction of 17% in nitrogen dioxide is required within the air quality management area
  • road traffic emissions are the main causes of nitrogen dioxide concentrations

The report was submitted to DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Town Centre 

The Town Centre one way system and London Road, King's Lynn was declared an air quality management area in 2003.  

Our monitoring of air quality along Railway Road, Austin Street, Blackfriars Road and London Road in King's Lynn shows that the levels of nitrogen dioxide are continuing to exceed the annual mean. We have extended the air quality management are to include these new areas.

For further information you can view our action plan and detailed assessments: