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Local Plan review 2016-2036

Find out about our review of the Local Plan (Core Strategy and Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan)

Our review

We are preparing a review of the Local Plan (Core Strategy and Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan).

Once adopted the plan will:

  • allocate sites for development
  • apply polices to meet local needs
  • guide development in the borough up to 2036

The October/November ‘call for sites and policy suggestions’ consultation offered an opportunity for developers, agents, landowners, individuals, and other interested parties to:

  • promote sites located within the borough for future development
  • suggest locations/areas for special policy treatment
  • put forward policy suggestions

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

In preparing the Local Plan review the documents will be subjected to a Sustainability Appraisal (which will also incorporate the requirements of the EU Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessments).

The Sustainability Appraisal will help identify and evaluate what effects the document(s)/proposed plans are likely to have on:

  • social, and
  • economic, and
  • environmental conditions of an area 

And the SA will help to ensure that the plan takes account of sustainable development objectives.  

SA scoping

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report is the first step in the review process. And it will be followed by the sustainability appraisal of options as they develop.

The SA guides and informs the choices made as the Plan evolves, and so forms an integral part of the preparation.  

A final Sustainability Report will be prepared and published alongside the submitted Local Plan review.

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Consultation with statutory consultees (Environment Agency, Natural England and Historic England) took place in 2016.

Call for sites

Sites submitted will be assessed in line with our Housing and Economic Land Availability (HELAA). All authorities in Norfolk consulted publicly on an agreed HELAA methodology. This can be viewed below:

View HELAA methodology

Please note, the inclusion of a site within the HELAA does not mean that it will be allocated, or that planning consent will be given. The HELAA is a technical document which will inform the Local Plan review.

Further assessments will take place during the production of the Local Plan review. This will identify sites which are ‘preferred’ and those which are ‘reasonable alternatives’. At this point, a draft of the Local Plan review will be subject to public consultation. It should be possible at this stage to submit further sites and information relating to those which have already been submitted. The representations received at this stage will inform the pre-submission version of the Plan.

What sites have been submitted?

What follows is a schedule and mapping, by parish, of each site which has been put forward as part of the ‘call for sites and policy suggestions’ consultation. The general format is a map of the parish followed by a zoomed in map to show the sites clearly.

Please note:

  • the sites have been published at this stage for transparency and information sharing
  • It's provided for illustrative purposes only
  • this does not allocate any of the sites shown
  • It does not grant permission for any of the sites shown, nor does it demonstrate any views or assessment of the sites
  • the information shown is purely based upon details received within submissions to the ‘call for sites and policy suggestions’ consultation

Please be aware that three sites (29-11-20164569, 29-11-20167010 & 05-11-20164317) appear on the schedule, but do not appear on the mapping. This is because no location map has been provided to date. If this is your site, please provide us with a plan/location map if you wish the site to be considered in the Local Plan review process.

If you've put forward a site as part of the process, and believe the site is inaccurately represented, then please email us. Please provide more accurate information and a new plan/location map. 

The next opportunity to submit further sites or additional information in support of a site, is at the draft Local Plan review (2016-2036) consultation expected early 2019.

Please note, the schedule and mapping is in alphabetical parish order. Please view the schedule first to understand which parish a site is within. If a site crosses over a parish boundary, we've classed the site to be within the parish which the majority of the site is within.

Sites schedule

Download our Call for Sites Schedule 2016-17

Sites mapping

Our maps are in alphabetical order: