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Customer satisfaction results

Information about the customer satisfaction surveys we conduct and the results they show

Customer Satisfaction

There are many ways to measure customer service, examples include:

  • how quickly telephone calls are answered
  • how long each call takes
  • how many visitors we have
  • how long it takes to serve each customer

But how can you quantify what is arguably the most important measure - customer satisfaction? This has to be what the customer thinks of the service they received, and that's just what we measure in the Council Information Centre.

Our Council Information Centre advisors conduct satisfaction surveys once a month with our customers, as part of our commitment to service improvement. 

So how are we doing?

Here are the views of 3,311 customers who called the Council Information Centre from April 2017 to March 2018:

  • 62% of customers thought the telephone service was excellent
  • 99% of customers were satisfied with the service provided
  • 32% of customers state the main reason for their rating is due to the helpfulness of the advisors

Thank you - We value all the feedback we get from our customers.