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Information about our LILY service that helps combat loneliness and social isolation in adults of all ages

The lily logo has the words lily in purple text and a heart shape

Lily Loneliness & Social Isolation Service

Norfolk County Council has commissioned services across the county to help tackle loneliness and social isolation.

The services offer 1-to-1 support to adults (18+) whose loneliness is the primary issue affecting their health & wellbeing. Clients are supported to:

  • Access social activities, volunteering opportunities, community services and assets.
  • Identify and overcome barriers that prevent them becoming connected.
  • Reconnect with family & friends and make new connections in their community.

The services can also form part of a wider package of support for individuals where loneliness is a symptom of other more complex challenges, such as caring responsibilities, mental or physical ill health or debt.

Lily works with four charity partners to provide one to one support to clients. 
Our charity partners are: 

  • Norfolk and Waveney Mind
  • West Norfolk Carers
  • Family Action
  • West Norfolk Befriending

How to Access the Lily Loneliness and Social Isolation Service

It's easy to refer into our service. Simply call 01553 616200 and ask for the Lily team or complete the form below and we will then be in touch.

To refer somebody into our service please ensure you have discussed this with the person that you are referring and gained their permission for us to contact them.

Complete our referral form

The Lily Online Directory

The Lily online directory lists organisations, services and activities that can help people live healthy, active, and independent lives.

From basic household assistance and future planning, to dealing with complex issues, Lily's Online Directory is a great signposting tool to help local residents to retain their independence and discover what's on offer locally.

The Lily website is user friendly can be viewed on any type of internet device, including tablet computers and smart phones.

Visit the Lily Online Directory


We can support you to find a volunteer opportunity in your local community.

To express an interest in volunteering please contact us on 01553 616200 or email us at

The DWP Household Support Fund

The DWP Household Support Fund is administered by the team.

For more information please visit our DWP Household Support Fund page.

Community Energy Saving Measures

We understand and appreciate that times are getting tough, so how can you save money on your energy bills?

Investing in reasonably priced energy saving equipment could help cut your bills and carbon footprint, all in one go!

  • Low energy LED light bulbs - If you replace all the bulbs in your home with LED lights, you could save £65 a year on your electricity bills.
  • Radiator reflectors - If you're trying to save money on your heating bills and reduce your energy consumption, radiator reflector panels are an attractive low-cost option.
  • Fixed behind your radiators, they reflect heat from the radiator back into the room, instead of letting the heat out through an external wall. They can produce the most benefit when installed on uninsulated solid walls.
  • Draught proof tape - Draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you around £60 a year. Draught-free homes are comfortable at lower temperatures - so you may be able to turn down your thermostat, saving even more on your energy bills.
  • Hot water tank covers - Insulating your hot water cylinder is one of the easiest ways to save energy and, therefore, money. If you already have a jacket fitted around your tank, check the thickness. It should be at least 80mm thick; if it isn't, consider a new one. Topping up your hot water tank insulation from 25mm to 80mm thick, using a British Standard jacket, could save you around £70 a year.

*Statistics from the Energy Saving Trust.

If you would like to be considered for these items, please contact us detailing:

  • the number and type of LED light bulbs (including wattage).
  • the number of radiators.
  • the number of windows and doors which would benefit from draught proof tape.
  • if you require a hot water tank cover.

(You do not have to have all items to benefit).

 We also need to know:

  • if you or anyone in your household is claiming DLA, PIP or AA.
  • if you or anyone in your household is over 65.
  • if you have any under 18s in the household.
  • if you own your house, rent privately, or rent from social housing.

 Please also confirm your name, address, and contact number.  

To see if you are eligible for energy saving support please contact us at

The Community Energy Saving Initiatives project is funded by the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk investing UK Shared Prosperity Funding under the Communities and Place Intervention Priority.

The project is delivering against E13: Community measures to reduce the cost of living and is delivering outputs against carbon dioxide equivalent reductions and increased take up of energy efficiency measures.

The framework of UKSPF Projects for West Norfolk delivery was approved by Cabinet on 7th February 2023.