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Memorials at Mintlyn

Information about memorials available at Mintlyn, including prices

The Gardens of Remembrance

Spread over 17 acres, the Gardens of Remembrance are a mixture of informal woodland glades and lawns. Formal and informal walk ways divide the grounds for memorial shrubs, conifers and kerbs which are available for memorial plaques. 

Mintlyn also offers a dedicated area within our Garden of Contemplation for memorials dedicated to babies and children.

There are areas where no memorials are allowed. Parts of the grounds have areas that are managed as conservation areas, encouraging wildlife to flourish.

There is a room with the Book of Remembrance that displays the memorial entries of today's date. 

Mintlyn also offers a Columbarium Wall. 

For more information please see our Gardens of Remembrance Map, you can find this at the bottom of this page. 

Our In Loving Memory leaflet gives further information about the memorials, urns and caskets available at Mintlyn. It also gives information about who can apply, if cremated remains can be buried, and if memorials can be for more than one person. You can find this leaflet at the bottom of this page.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is an everlasting dignified memorial with personalised wording from between two to fourteen lines of inscribed text. Entry into the Book of Remembrance is not automatic. The book is always open on today's date. We also offer identical personal cards or miniature books.

Book information:

Plaques in the grounds

Plaques are cast with the inscription of your choice and can have a photograph or motif incorporated. The plaque will remain at the location as long as you pay the annual lease fee.

Kerb plaques are placed on the kerb edgings of our Walks and Lawns Areas. Cremated remains can be scattered behind the kerb edge. 

Plant memorial plaques are placed at a shrub or conifer in our Walks, Lawns, Woodland Glades, Shrubbery or Conifer Gardens. Cremated remains can be scattered or buried at the shrub or conifer.

Bench plates are plaques that are affixed to a bench which is then placed in a bench bay within our grounds. Cremated remains can be scattered behind the bench.

Prices for the memorials in our grounds

Please see our memorial lease charges document at the bottom of this page.

Caskets and urns

Please see our prices for caskets and urns document at the bottom of this page.

The Columbarium

Set away from the other memorials in the grounds, the columbarium is a wall of vaults where cremated remains can be placed in an urn or a casket. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this memorial. 

You can find out more in our Columbarium leaflet and a guide to pricing document. You can find both at the bottom of this page.

Forever in Glass

A unique memorial of a small amount of cremated remains handcrafted in a beautiful memorial piece of sculpted or blown glass.

If you're interested in this memorial, please contact our office for more information. 

Applying for memorials

To apply for a memorial in our grounds please contact us. Each type of memorial has it's own application form. We'll issue you the form you need when you make contact with us.