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Funeral service choices

Information on the options available for a funeral service, including music requests

Funeral service choices

The facilities available at Mintlyn Crematorium for a funeral are as follows:

  • services can be a short committal following a service elsewhere or a full service
  • the time limit for each service is 25 minutes
  • additional chapel time available on request
  • coffins can be lowered or curtains closed during the service
  • services can be religious, non-religious or a combination
  • the chapel seats approximately 100 people on a single level
  • toilets, including two accessible toilets, are available
  • there is an induction loop system for hearing aid wearers
  • there is a choice of music offered
  • webcasts are available (if booked in advance)
  • recording of the service onto DVD, CD or USB is available (if booked in advance)
  • waiting room available
  • there is a dedicated Flower Court area undercover to view flowers
  • weekend funeral services available on request

Please note, the mass release of balloons or any sky lantern is not permitted.


Music can play an extremely important part of any funeral ceremony, and at Mintlyn we can provide a wide range of music choices though our in-house music system provided by Obitus. A comprehensive music library can be accessed by your Funeral Director to ensure during the ceremony “that special track” can be played. Hymns can also be accessed via the Obitus music system, with a collection of hymns recorded with a live organ and choir, alternatively our resident organist can play a selection of organ music and hymns for you.

Mintlyn Crematorium also offers families the choice of commissioning a Visual Tribute to their loved one, where a series of special photos can be shown on large screen in the chapel, either set to a special piece of music, or played silently on a loop throughout the service.

Sadly, there are times when family members cannot attend a funeral for a number of reasons, we can offer a live webcast facility, as well as having the service recorded onto DVD for viewing at a later date, or as a lasting memory of the service.

Please speak to your funeral director for further information and to book any of these services. Alternatively, you can visit the Obitus website.


You can find out about fees on our forms, fees and documents download page.

Funeral Directors

Using a Funeral Director can assist a family but it is not necessary to use one. The Funeral Director, if you use one, will be able to:

  • arrange the booking of the date and time
  • ensure that your music choice is available
  • order music, webcasts, DVD, CD or USB
  • arrange the officiants
  • coordinate paperwork
  • advice what can take place during a funeral
  • arrange other practical elements of the funeral

If you're using a Funeral Director we'll only take instructions from them. If you're arranging the funeral without a Funeral Director we can only take instructions from the person who signs the forms.