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Air quality information

Find out how we review air quality across the borough, and view our progress reports

Our annual review

We carry out an annual review and assessment of air quality across the borough. We check levels of pollutants against levels set by the National Air Quality Strategy. You can find more information in the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Air Quality Strategy document.

All our air quality reports are submitted to DEFRA for auditing. Copies of previous reports can be found at the bottom of the page.

Annual Status Report 2020

The Annual Status Report is our annual review of air quality. It replaces Progress Reports and Updating and Screening Assessments under the previous reporting system.

DEFRA comments

The air quality Annual Status Report 2020 has now been completed and approved by DEFRA. Within their comments, DEFRA requested one minor change to the report. This has been implemented, with the revised document and DEFRA’s comments located towards the bottom of this page.

Report findings

The main findings of the report are as follows:

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

  • no new AQMA’s are required to be declared
  • only one site within the borough (Site 2-Town Centre AQMA) reported exceedance of the NO2 annual mean objectives
  • four other sites were within 10% of the NO2 annual mean objective
  • no exceedances of NO2 annual mean within Gaywood Clock AQMA
  • no exceedances of the NO2 1 hour mean objective level
  • NO2 levels within both AQMAs have remained stable, with small increases at some sites and further reductions at others

Particulate Matter (PM10)

  • no exceedances of either the annual mean or short term (24-hour mean) PM10 objectives at any site throughout King’s Lynn during 2019, a trend prevalent since 2015
  • annual mean PM10 concentration has remained steady between 2015 and 2019, with an overall decrease largely observed
  • in Stoke Ferry, no exceedances of the PM10 annual mean or 24-hour mean objective have been recorded, therefore an AQMA is not required in the village.


Priorities for 2020

Our main priorities for 2020/21 are to:

  • continue to monitor both NO2 and PM10 concentrations throughout the Borough, notably within both AQMAs;
  • regularly review the locations within the monitoring network to ensure that any hotspots are identified;
  • complete the King’s Lynn Transport Study and the supporting dispersion modelling exercise; and
  • update the existing AQAP and the outcomes from the King’s Lynn Transport Study

The Director of Public Health at Norfolk County Council has reviewed the report and signed it off.

View Annual Status Report 2020

You can also view DEFRA's comments.