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Recycling and reducing waste

Recycling and waste reduction is an important aspect of tackling climate change


Recycling usually produces less carbon emissions than the creation on new items. Recycled items are used to create other items, with helps to reduce deforestation, reduce emission that result from products going to landfill.

Additionally, by recycling, you are reducing the need to extract new materials to create products, and therefore, associated emissions from this process are reduced.

However, as a society we must also reduce and reuse the products we consume.

Waste reduction

By reducing the number of products, you use, it means that you are reducing the amount of waste the needs to either go to landfill or be incinerated.

You can read more about reducing your food waste.

By re-using the products, you already own, results in you disposing of less and needing to purchase less.

Helping your products last longer helps reduce demand on greenhouse gas emitting production as well as reducing the amount that goes to landfill or incineration.

You can find out more in our bins and recycling pages.