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Walking and cycling

Find out more about walking and cycling to help tackle climate change

Why should I start walking and cycling more?

Roughly 18% of UK carbon on the road comes from journeys between 0-5 miles. If you often travel between 0 and 5 miles by car, walking and cycling are good alternative options for these short journeys. For example, choose to walk your kids to school or encourage them to cycle instead of giving them a lift.

If you live within 5 miles or so from your work, then try walking or cycling to get to work. Even if initially you only do so a few days a week, ultimately these small actions add up.

Walking and cycling will also improve your general health, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. Studies have shown that those who regularly walk and cycle on average live longer, healthier lives than those who do not regularly walk or cycle.

Norfolk County Council have some great resources available, with useful ways to get you walking and cycling more.

Recreational walking and cycling

Cycling in west Norfolk

Cycling across Norfolk

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