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Pest control

Find out about our preferred pest control company Millennium Pest Control

Millennium Pest Control

We do not provide a pest control service. However, we have a preferred pest control company, Millennium Pest Control. They offer competitive rates and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of domestic pest problems.  

To book a treatment, and ensure that you get the special rate we have negotiated, please call Millennium Pest Control on 01553 344002. 

If you would like to book an appointment, please visit the Millennium Pest Control online bookings page.

Alternatively, you can contact your own pest controller by looking through the phone directory under pest and vermin control, or by searching the internet.

Pest control charges

The charges for the most common pest control treatments are outlined below. These prices are for non-emergency treatment (within five days); there may be additional fees for same-day service. 

To find out the cost for a different treatment, please contact Millennium Pest Control directly. 

Rats and mice

Millennium pest control logo


The charge is £68.40 (inc VAT) for two visits.

Due to new legislation in 2018, bait boxes and poison will be removed after the second visit.

Wasps and hornets

The charge is £45.80 (inc VAT) for the first nest in and around a building.

Due to new legislation in 2019, any nests in a garden, hedge or soil, will require two visits, costing £68.40 (inc VAT).

Other pests

The charge is £68.40 (inc VAT) per visit for a two bedroom property for any of the following on the caller's property:

  • fleas
  • carpet beetles
  • cockroaches
  • cluster flies
  • garden ants

Bed bugs

The charge is £81.60 (inc VAT) per visit for all size properties.

Problem with pest control on a neighbour’s property

If a neighbour’s property is filthy and verminous, and they are not attending to the situation, we may be able to help. Our Community Safety and Neighbourhood Nuisance Team will look to see if they can investigate the issue. Please report this to us on our nuisance page.