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Street numbering

Find out about our procedure for the numbering of all properties in the borough

Why we allocate numbers

We are responsible for the numbering all properties within the borough.

Numbers are allocated to enable quick location of buildings, on the following basis:

  • the emergency services prefer a numbering scheme to enable them to respond quickly
  • a house number will always be issued where ever possible, but where this is not practical, a proposal for a house name is requested
  • where existing properties have a name and no number, we may create or review numbering schemes and enforce their use
  • a change of number of a property can only be authorised by us
  • we will not compensate individuals in the event of a renumbering scheme being required
  • we will not compensate property owners affected by a change to their address

Under no circumstances should a developer allocate property numbers as part of their marketing strategy. Only we can issue the official numbering scheme.

Building numbers

In accordance with National Street Naming and Numbering conventions, we endeavour to number properties as follows:

  • as you enter a street, odd numbers should be situated on the left and even numbers situated on the right
  • a small development  including cul-de-sacs may be numbered consecutively, for example 1 to 8
  • if one or more dwellings are built between two others an alphabetic suffix will normally be added to the number.
  • small groups of low-rise flats should, where possible, be numbered into the street numbering scheme
  • blocks of flats and apartments may be given a name with each dwelling being numbered consecutively, for example Building One: Flat A, Flat B. Letters (or numbers) for flats contained within a block should be displayed at the entrance to the building
  • there is no sanction given to the avoidance of any numbers, for example '13' and a correct numerical sequence will be maintained
  • buildings (including those on corner sites) should be numbered according to the street in which the main entrance is to be found
  • there is no sanction given to manipulation of numbering to secure a 'prestige' address or to avoid an address which is thought to have undesired associations
  • through roads and longer cul-de-sacs will have an odds and evens scheme ascending away from the town or village centre
  • commercial premises will be prefixed with the word UNIT as deemed appropriate by our Address Management Team


We don't allocate postcodes.

Having authorised the address, we'll notify the Royal Mail. 

Royal Mail are responsible for the allocation of post codes. It's the individual or developer's responsibility to obtain the postcode from the Royal Mail quoting the SNN reference number. For further information, please visit the Royal Mail website.

Who do we notify?

Once the naming and numbering has been agreed, we will notify the following organisations of your chosen house name:

  • Norfolk Constabulary
  • East of England Ambulance NHS Trust
  • Norfolk Fire Service
  • Royal Mail
  • Ordnance Survey
  • Valuation Office Agency via Revenues
  • Norfolk County Council

We will also notify our own council departments, where relevant.

You may consider notifying the following of your new property address:

  • family and friends
  • people you do business with
  • doctor surgery, medical services
  • finance (Bank, Building Society, credit cards)
  • insurance companies
  • HM Land Registry
  • utilities (gas, electricity, water)
  • DVLA
  • employer
  • TV License
  • passport
  • telecommunications companies / mobile companies
  • broadband services
  • memberships