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New street name

How to obtain a new street name and the procedure you should follow

How to apply for a new street name

The procedures for street naming and numbering can be lengthy. Developers should always liaise with our Address Management Team in the first instance.

Please also liaise with the parish/town council. They can check if your proposed name is in harmony with the wishes of the local residents and the surroundings.

New street names can be an emotive topic. Only the borough council can formerly Object to a new street name proposal and normally on the basis if it is either rude and or offensive or linked to an unsavoury individual found guilty by our courts which would cause offence to the public.

It's important that you contact us before building work commences. We only consider a new street name for five or more new property addresses. Infill developments on an existing numbered Street Name should include any required suffix to property numbers (3, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 4) if no consecutive number is available in the current numbering scheme or if more numbers are required than numbers are available. This Authority will only consider creating an additional Street Name when there are five or more new properties.

Please do not use street names for marketing purposes, unless the name has been formally authorised by us. Developers should clearly state in any literature that marketing names are no guarantee of the official address, and therefore liable to change.

If an application is submitted to us at a late stage and it's subsequently rejected, numerous problems can arise, especially if purchasers have bought properties marketed under an unapproved name.

Display of a new street name

Developers install the first street name plates, we maintain them.

Damaged or replacement Street Name Plates can be reported or requested online.

Please see our display of street names and property addresses page for more information.


There is NO charge for a new street name.

Charges apply for new property addresses, please see our charging schedule.

The charges will apply to residential and commercial property owners for:

  • notification of new properties
  • amendments to property addresses issued

Apply for the creation of a property address

To apply for a new property address you'll need to:

  • be the owner of the property
  • provide a location map
  • pay the fee (please see our charging schedule)

Apply for a new property address

What happens next?

On receipt of an application for a new street, we have a legal obligation to accept or reject the proposal within 30 days.

We'll check that the proposal does not duplicate existing street names, and is in accordance with street naming conventions.

If we decide that a new street name is required, we'll start the process and distribute the official letter allowing 30 days consultation (with the start point on this day).


  • Emergency Services (through their nominated representative)
  • Parish or Town Councils (if a meeting is organised we will attend on request)
  • Ward Councillors
  • Royal Mail

If any of the above consultees raise valid concerns to the street name(s) proposed, we'll raise a formal objection detailing why. You'll be requested to submit alternatives.

Where large buildings or small complexes need to be named it's advisable to follow this same procedure.