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Volunteering within open spaces

Find out about volunteering, including volunteering for litter picking, the In Bloom campaign and the Adopt a Bed scheme

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is when you give your time to a good cause. You do not get paid, but you do get the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and develop lasting relationships. 

Volunteering not only benefits your local community but also benefits you as a volunteer. 

There are many opportunities to volunteer within the council, and local community groups, these are outlined below.

Become a Red Mount Chapel and South Gate volunteer

These historic buildings are open to the public on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm, from Mid-May to Mid-September. The volunteer role is to open and assist visitors to the building, answering questions about the buildings and helping the visitors get the most from their visit.

All information is supplied and training is given. Training takes an hour to complete. Due to the nature of the buildings the upper floors are only accessible on foot.

Join the In Bloom campaign in your area

If you would like to help out in the maintenance and upkeep of your local open spaces, and join in with the wider campaign to help identify and work on improvements throughout your town, then this is for you.

King’s Lynn, Hunstanton and Downham Market each have an active In Bloom committee, which seek new volunteers and community groups to join up. Common activities include litter picking, bulb planting, tree planting, and general gardening. Open to all, this is a good opportunity to get outdoors and improve your local environment.

Lead a community litter pick

Would you like to encourage residents in your area to come together and carry out a cleanup? If so litter picking equipment is available for hire from us. The kits contain all the equipment you need to mount a community litter pick for eight people or more. Litter picks must be carried out in public areas, and we will help arrange collection of all litter collected.

Join King's Lynn Community Allotment

Based in the Walks King’s Lynn, this small group of volunteers have set up and maintain an allotment area open to the public. They encourage new members to help them learn how to garden, how to grow their own, and all volunteers get a share of the harvest!

Join the Friends of Hardwick Cemetery

The Friends were launched in 2006 for the public benefit, to promote the historic interest of Hardwick Road Cemetery, King’s Lynn, to promote the Cemetery’s architectural, sculptural, landscape, natural and historical interest. And to provide such facilities as required for the furtherance of the social welfare, education, recreation and leisure-time occupation of the site.

Cemetery Friends weed and tidy around memorials seek funding and raise funds to carry out important restoration work, and carry out research into the graves to develop and produce the life stories of those buried there.

Further information on this group can be found on the Friends of Hardwick Cemetery website.

Adopt a Bed

There are flower beds in both Hunstanton and King’s Lynn that are available for adoption.  By adopting a bed you will agree to simply spend a short time each week, helping us to weed, deadhead and tidy the pre-planted flower beds.  Each adopted bed is adorned with a plaque detailing its adopter.

You can join our team of ‘Adopt-a-Bedders’ at any time throughout the year. 

Set up an In Bloom Neighbourhood award scheme

If you live in an area where you feel you could encourage and support the residents to clean up and create a nicer place to live, then this is for you. The Neighbourhood award scheme is judged by the Anglia In Bloom Judges, and all Neighbourhood awards are linked to that towns overall In Bloom Scheme.

First set up by the Royal Horticultural Society and adopted by all regional in Bloom committees this scheme encourages residents to come together to make small and large scale improvements to their local area. The submitted schemes are judged on:

  • community participation
  • environmental responsibility
  • gardening achievement

More information is available on the Anglia in Bloom website.

Remember if this is something you would like to begin, then contact us to see if we can help and to ensure that we submit your area for an award.

To register your interest in any of these opportunities please contact us, our contact details are below.