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Call for sites

Our review looks at sites which have been put forward for development

Call for sites

In 2016 we hosted a ‘call for sites and policy suggestions’ consultation. This offered an opportunity for developers, agents, landowners, individuals, and other interested parties to:

  • promote sites located within the borough for future development
  • suggest locations/areas for special policy treatment
  • put forward policy suggestions

Those sites submitted for consideration will be assessed in line with our Housing and Economic Land Availability (HELAA).

Those sites which ‘pass’ that assessment then go onto be assessed through the Sustainability Appraisal (SA).

Draft Local Plan review consultation

In 2019 we hosted a consultation of the draft version of the Local Plan review. This offered further opportunity for sites to be proposed for development and other land uses.

Submitted sites

What follows is a schedule and mapping of the sites which have been proposed.

Please note:

  • the sites have been published at this stage for transparency and information sharing
  • it's provided for illustrative purposes only
  • this does not allocate any of the sites shown
  • it does not grant permission for any of the sites shown, nor does it demonstrate any views or assessment of the sites
  • the information shown is purely based upon details received within submissions to the consultation

Please be aware that three sites (29-11-20164569, 29-11-20167010 & 05-11-20164317) appear on the schedule, but do not appear on the mapping. This is because no location map has been provided to date.

If you've put forward a site as part of the process, and believe the site is inaccurately represented, then please email us at Please provide more accurate information and a new plan/location map. 

The next opportunity to submit further sites or additional information in support of a site is at the Local Plan review (2016-2036) submission consultation. You can find information regarding the proposed timeframe for this consultation in the Local Development Scheme.

Sites schedule

You can download our call for sites schedules below. 

You can see the sites submitted on our map below: