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Textile recycling

Information about textile recycling, and find a ‘Bring Bank’ site


Textiles are great for recycling - but not in your green bin! 

Textiles are heavy and can’t be recycled at Norfolk’s material recycling facility. 

When you put textiles in your green recycling bin, they’re taken out at the recycling centre and sent to be incinerated. Council Taxpayers lose out by being financially penalised for having additional residual waste. 

You can help by taking all textiles to the Household Waste Recycling Centre where they’ll be recycled if possible.

Clothes and fabrics

Clothes, curtains, fabrics, and shoes can all be reused or recycled, even if they’re not in tip-top condition. Good quality clothes, shoes, curtains, and linen can be reused and found a new lease of life by taking them to charity shops. Here they’re re-sold to make a positive social contribution.

Alternatively, you can take them to one of the 37 Salvation Army Bring Banks located across the borough - just check the map at the bottom of this page to find your nearest. 

Bring Bank items that can’t be resold in Salvation Army shops are exported to developing countries where they’re:

  • re-worn as clothing; or
  • picked apart and recycled as cleaning, insulation, and building products


Used bedding is a bit trickier, because charity shops won’t sell it and it can’t easily be recycled. So it should definitely not be put into the green recycling bin! Many animal rehoming charities, which use a lot of bedding for their animals, are grateful for donations. Local ones are listed below.

Information about animal charities that accept used bedding
Charity Contact Address Yes please! No thank you
West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre 01553 618889 Eau Bring Bank, Tilney All Saints, PE34 4SQ Duvet-covers, sheets, blankets, towels Duvets, cushions, pillows
RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre 03001230709 Gayton Road, East Winch, PE32 1LG Duvet-covers, sheets, blankets, towels Duvets, cushions, pillows
Brambles Animal Sanctuary 01366 388456 55 Whin Common Road, Denver, PE38 0DX Duvet-covers, sheets, blankets, towels, clean non-feather duvets Feather duvets, cushions, pillows
Cat Welfare Wisbech 07918869503 Modney Hall, Hilgay, PE38 0HN Duvet-covers, sheets, blankets, towels Duvets, cushions, pillows

To find clothing banks in your area, just provide us with your address by following the link 'set your location'. You will then be able to find your nearest clothing banks.