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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days. This can be subject to change dependant on family's request.

18 February 2019Monday10:45Hearnden, Margaret
18 February 2019Monday11:30Collison, Doris May
18 February 2019Monday12:15Keeble, Patricia Ann
18 February 2019Monday13:00Barr, Tonia Watts
18 February 2019Monday13:45Hunt, Yvonne Barbara
18 February 2019Monday14:30Halls, Mark Richard
18 February 2019Monday15:15Goddard, Evelin Edelgard
18 February 2019Monday16:00Jennings, Carol Anne
19 February 2019Tuesday11:30Insley, Hazel Jean
19 February 2019Tuesday12:15Massingham, Phyllis May
19 February 2019Tuesday13:00Cox, Madge
19 February 2019Tuesday13:45Rouse, Derek Cecil
19 February 2019Tuesday14:30Henley, Mark Christopher
19 February 2019Tuesday15:15Rice, Steven Anthony
19 February 2019Tuesday16:00Mayhew, Joan Mary
20 February 2019Wednesday10:00Bilsby, Ann
20 February 2019Wednesday11:30Fuller, Stella Maud Williamina
20 February 2019Wednesday12:15Newington, Roy
20 February 2019Wednesday12:16Newington, Pauline Irene
20 February 2019Wednesday13:45Hudson, Hazel June
20 February 2019Wednesday14:30Bowles, Alan Thomas
20 February 2019Wednesday15:15Riches, Claudine Janet
20 February 2019Wednesday16:00Thrower, Geoffrey Robert
21 February 2019Thursday09:15Gore, Leslie William
21 February 2019Thursday10:00Cardinal, Richard John
21 February 2019Thursday10:45Arrowsmith, Oliver Edward (Teddy)
21 February 2019Thursday11:30Satt, David Alan
21 February 2019Thursday12:15Scourfield, Thomas
21 February 2019Thursday13:00Harris, Philip Burnett
21 February 2019Thursday13:45Cross, Michael Edmund
21 February 2019Thursday14:30Jeary, Dorothy Rose
21 February 2019Thursday15:15Sherman, Frederick William
21 February 2019Thursday16:00Cocker, Allan James
22 February 2019Friday09:15Manning, Marylyn
22 February 2019Friday10:00Colville, Joseph Orange
22 February 2019Friday10:45Pitfield, Joyce Margaret
22 February 2019Friday11:30Fowler, Michael John
22 February 2019Friday12:15Haynes, Vera Mary
22 February 2019Friday13:00Gilding, Kathleen Teresa
22 February 2019Friday13:45Collins, Edith Muriel
22 February 2019Friday14:30Hutchinson, Margaret Rose
22 February 2019Friday15:15Bailey, Terence John
22 February 2019Friday16:00Almond, Andrew Malcolm
22 February 2019Friday16:45Chapman, Monacia
25 February 2019Monday09:15Gagen, Marjorie
25 February 2019Monday10:00Tatnell, Agnes
25 February 2019Monday10:45Kirby, Percival
25 February 2019Monday11:30Berry, Ena
25 February 2019Monday12:15Potter, David William
25 February 2019Monday13:00Curtis, Lilian
25 February 2019Monday13:45Partington, Harold Alfred
25 February 2019Monday14:30Pocock, Paul Anthony
25 February 2019Monday15:15Everitt, Neville
25 February 2019Monday16:00Bray, Margaret Elizabeth