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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days.

Mintlyn Crematorium Diary

30 March 2017Thursday09:15Edwards, Ronald Charles
30 March 2017Thursday10:00Rolf, Christine Evelyn Ann
30 March 2017Thursday10:45Plews, Katherine Ann
30 March 2017Thursday11:30Bailes, Arthur Henry William
30 March 2017Thursday12:15Clark, June
30 March 2017Thursday13:00Voyle, Lynne
30 March 2017Thursday13:45Edwards, Joyce Irene
30 March 2017Thursday14:30Bullett, William Mitchell
30 March 2017Thursday15:15Durrant, Jean Elizabeth
30 March 2017Thursday16:00Allison, Richard Hugh
31 March 2017Friday09:15Hibbert, Rosaline
31 March 2017Friday10:00Bates, Peggy
31 March 2017Friday10:45Davy, Michael Desmond
31 March 2017Friday11:30Wood, Derek John
31 March 2017Friday12:15Watson, Kenneth George William
31 March 2017Friday13:00Westhorpe, Thomas
31 March 2017Friday13:45Ferguson, Hazel Joan
31 March 2017Friday14:30Jarvis, Leslie William
31 March 2017Friday15:15Murphy, Brian Walter James
31 March 2017Friday16:00Dowry, John Robert
3 April 2017Monday10:00Carter, Claire
3 April 2017Monday10:45Lord, Heather Jane
3 April 2017Monday11:30Green, James
3 April 2017Monday12:15Bennett, Leslie
3 April 2017Monday13:00Lloyd, Peter William
3 April 2017Monday13:45Lewis, William Henry
3 April 2017Monday14:30Case, Sybil
3 April 2017Monday15:15Pentney, Geoffrey Nelson
3 April 2017Monday16:00Fuller, Norman David
4 April 2017Tuesday09:15Young, Dennis
4 April 2017Tuesday10:00Burman, Mary
4 April 2017Tuesday10:45Rolph, Patrick William
4 April 2017Tuesday12:15Porter, James William
4 April 2017Tuesday13:00Fewster, David Eric
4 April 2017Tuesday13:45Franke, Sheila
4 April 2017Tuesday14:30Penrose, Hazel Pearl Leonora
4 April 2017Tuesday15:15Rackham, Minnie
4 April 2017Tuesday16:00Burgess, Gloria Helen
5 April 2017Wednesday11:30Scales, Neville
5 April 2017Wednesday12:15Saunders, Norman
5 April 2017Wednesday13:00Llewellyn, Thomas
5 April 2017Wednesday13:45Brown, John Charles Walter
5 April 2017Wednesday14:30Mackintosh, Sheila
5 April 2017Wednesday15:15Mason, Richard Alfred
5 April 2017Wednesday16:00Garrard, John Childs