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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days. This can be subject to change dependant on family's request.

23 April 2019Tuesday10:00Pennell, Jeremy
23 April 2019Tuesday10:45Barker, Audrey
23 April 2019Tuesday11:30Savage, Sylvia Rita
23 April 2019Tuesday12:15Ward, Noel John
23 April 2019Tuesday13:00Baldwin, Brian
23 April 2019Tuesday13:45Compton, Mary Amelia
23 April 2019Tuesday14:30Price, Molly Ann
23 April 2019Tuesday15:15Martin, Terryann
23 April 2019Tuesday16:00Ely, Edward Donald Samuel
24 April 2019Wednesday10:00Kerry, Gladys Irene
24 April 2019Wednesday10:45Witham, Leslie Eric
24 April 2019Wednesday11:30Heap, Joyce Mary
24 April 2019Wednesday12:15May, Donald Sidney
24 April 2019Wednesday13:00Hatcher, Dora May
24 April 2019Wednesday13:45Hamilton, Alan Henry
24 April 2019Wednesday14:30Morris, Colin Trevor
24 April 2019Wednesday15:15Wassell, Barbara
24 April 2019Wednesday16:00Bowers, Alan George
25 April 2019Thursday10:00Horne, Valerie Patricia
25 April 2019Thursday10:45Flint, Jean
25 April 2019Thursday11:30Charles-Dunne, Coral Elenor Mary
25 April 2019Thursday12:15Carrington, Paul Anthony
25 April 2019Thursday13:00Dakin, Ann
25 April 2019Thursday13:45Fowles, Christine Pamela
25 April 2019Thursday16:00Harmer, Sara Frances Alec
26 April 2019Friday10:00Hinchliffe, Joyce
26 April 2019Friday11:30Burke, Edward
26 April 2019Friday12:15Wright, Andrew Norman
26 April 2019Friday13:00Norman, Eileen Gladys
26 April 2019Friday14:30Crown, Patricia Louise
26 April 2019Friday15:15May, Katherine Louise
26 April 2019Friday16:00Eggitt, Patricia May