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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days.

Mintlyn Crematorium Diary

21 July 2017Friday10:45Pennington, Bernard Stewart
21 July 2017Friday11:30Parsell, Kenneth Tony
21 July 2017Friday12:15Blackmur, Joan
21 July 2017Friday13:00Sutherland, Noel Edward
21 July 2017Friday13:45Burdett, Lorna
21 July 2017Friday14:30Jones, Audrey Margaret
21 July 2017Friday15:15Strudwick, Marion
21 July 2017Friday16:00Hockley, James Edward
24 July 2017Monday10:00Cocklin, Violet Miriam
24 July 2017Monday10:45Porter, Hilda Mary
24 July 2017Monday11:30Hope, Maureen
24 July 2017Monday12:15Reynolds, John Gilbert Mark
24 July 2017Monday13:00Russell, June Audrey
24 July 2017Monday13:45Hughes, Margaret Ann
24 July 2017Monday14:30Latimer, Peter Thomas George
24 July 2017Monday15:15Mottram, Nancy Hilda
24 July 2017Monday16:00Collison, Shirley Rebecca
25 July 2017Tuesday10:00Martin, Gerda Hedwig Maria
25 July 2017Tuesday10:45Doye, Colin Charles
25 July 2017Tuesday11:30Shepherd, Jacqueline Phyllis
25 July 2017Tuesday12:15Picton, William David
25 July 2017Tuesday13:00Gadsby, Robert
25 July 2017Tuesday13:45Mitchell, Margaret
25 July 2017Tuesday14:30Gritt, Richard George
25 July 2017Tuesday16:00Hackett, David Michael Joseph
26 July 2017Wednesday12:15Haynes, John Robert
26 July 2017Wednesday13:00Sheldrake, Genevieve Margaret
26 July 2017Wednesday13:45Pantling, Michael John
26 July 2017Wednesday14:30Cawston, Edna May
26 July 2017Wednesday15:15Bell, Beryl
26 July 2017Wednesday16:00Savory, Edward
27 July 2017Thursday10:00Colston-Iles, Frederick Alfred
27 July 2017Thursday10:45Minns, Robin Graham
27 July 2017Thursday11:30Harniman, Denis William
27 July 2017Thursday12:15Mee, Betty Winifred
27 July 2017Thursday13:00Woolsey, Rita Mary
27 July 2017Thursday13:45Talbot, Jill Annette
27 July 2017Thursday14:30Cooper, Mark Richard
27 July 2017Thursday16:00Williamson, Ronald George