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Fly-tipping (illegal dumping)

We clear fly-tipping from the highway and council owned land

What is fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping is illegally dumped rubbish. This could include household waste that has been presented incorrectly. We will clean up and investigate fly-tipping, including dumped:

  • household rubbish
  • garden waste
  • mattresses
  • construction materials
  • electrical items

We will clear fly-tipping from council owned land and verges. We won't clear fly-tipping from private land. This is the responsibility of the landowner to clear and dispose of responsibly.

If you live in a bagged collection area, it is the householders responsibility to present their bags at designated collection points only. This is usually at the front of your property. For more information on bagged collection areas, please visit our bagged collection page.

How you can help

It’s important that you tell us if you saw who dumped the rubbish. Or if you have any other information that may help us (for example, details of any vehicles involved). The more information we have, the more likely we are to find the culprit.

If you find evidence, please leave this at the site. But if you can, take photos. It helps to have a wide shot of the fly tip in it's original place, and close up shots of the evidence. Please upload these on the form below when making your report.

After your report, we may contact you for further information, if you're happy for us to do so.

Check for an incident

Before you report fly-tipping, please check the recent fly-tipping reports we’ve received.

The blocks coloured red are live incidents that we’re currently dealing with.

Please select a red block to view information about what was dumped, and when. If the fly-tipping you’ve spotted matches the description, or is on the same road, you don’t need to report this; we’re already aware. 

The orange and green blocks are as follows:

  • Orange – we’re aware of the fly-tipping, but we can’t clear it as it’s on private land
  • Green – we’ve visited the location of the fly-tipping, but we couldn’t find anything

Update an incident

If you have additional information on any of our current incidents, please let us know. It may help our investigations. To do this, please select ‘update this incident’ from within the relevant coloured block on the map.

Report fly-tipping

If the fly-tipping you're reporting is a new incident that isn't on our map, you can report this online. You can now track the progress of your report through registering for our My Account service.

Registering for an account is easy and will allow you to securely access our services 24/7.

To report fly-tipping you'll need to know:

  • where the rubbish is (you'll be able to use the map facility within our form to plot the location of the rubbish. This will help us find and clear it quicker)
  • the type of rubbish that's been dumped

Report fly-tipping

Dangerous fly-tipping

If the rubbish is a danger to the public (for example, syringes or clinical waste) please tell us straight away. You can call us on 0800 253 2687.

What happens next?

Following on from a report, we aim to clear the rubbish within two days. This might take longer if a specialist contractor is required (for example, for asbestos or waste oil).

Your report will appear on our incident map straight away to show others that we're dealing with it.

We may investigate fly-tipping, and we'll consider legal action against offenders where appropriate.

If found guilty, offenders can face unlimited fines. The courts can also give out:

  • community service
  • custodial sentences in extreme cases

Any action we take will be in line with our corporate enforcement policy.