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Fly-tipper fined over £3400

Fly-tipping is a crime image

Published: Thursday, 8th July 2021

The campaign to SCRAP fly-tipping in west Norfolk continues with a successful prosecution.

On 30 June 2021 a man, who pleaded guilty to dumping a sizable amount of domestic household waste on private land at Fisher Fleet on Cross Bank Road, King’s Lynn, was fined over £3400 in costs, fines and compensation.

Cllr Paul Kunes, borough council Cabinet member for Environment, welcomed the conviction: “Fly-tipping is a blight on our area and to remove, investigate and dispose of it costs taxpayers money.

“The items dumped on this occasion consisted of domestic household waste including bulky items such as multiple large filled cardboard boxes, plastic stacking boxes, plastic washing basket - all items which could have been disposed of at the household waste and recycling centre for free. This tip fell under category D “transit van load” as was a sizeable load.

“Residents can report where they see fly-tipping through the borough council website, You place a pin on a map to let us know where it has been dumped, if it’s on public land we will clear it and look for evidence.”

The SCRAP Fly-tipping campaign is highlighting that it is really important that you give your waste to registered waste carriers. If you’re suspicious of them you can check their credentials with the Environment Agency.

The householder duty of care means everyone has responsibility for disposing of their waste legally and failure to do so could result in an unlimited fine.

People can avoid a fine by following the SCRAP code:

S uspect ALL waste carriers

C heck with the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 that the provider taking the waste away is licensed

R efuse unexpected offers to have waste taken away

A sk what will happen to the waste

P aperwork should be obtained – a waste transfer note or at least get a full receipt

For more information about the campaign, fly-tipping and legal ways to get rid of unwanted items, visit:

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