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Memorials to undergo safety testing in May

Work being undertaken in Hardwick Road Cemetery.

Published: Tuesday, 25th April 2023

Over the next few weeks a contractor will be safety testing the memorials in five borough council-owned cemeteries to ensure that they are stable and not presenting a safety hazard to visitors.

Cemeteries on Gayton Road and Hardwick Road in King’s Lynn, Alexandra Road in Hunstanton, Police Road in Walpole St Andrew and Smeeth Road in Marshland St James will have their memorials inspected for safety.

Notices advising that the testing is taking place are displayed at the cemetery in advance of the work being carried out. The test consists of a visual inspection followed by a hand test of the memorials stability. Only if there is an immediate safety risk will the memorial be laid down on the grave space. If a memorial is laid down, or if it is identified as a potential risk that requires remedial action then the grave owner will be contacted and asked to arrange for a stonemason to carry out the repairs required to ensure the memorial is safe.

Closed churchyards maintained by the borough council will be inspected later this year once the diocese grant permissions.

Further information about the testing or results of previous tests can be obtained from Mintlyn Crematorium. E-mail or telephone 01553 630533.

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