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Guildhall welcomes Austrian students

Some of the Austrian students with Tim FitzHiham at the Guildhall.

Published: Tuesday, 25th October 2022

The Guildhall and Creative Hub site in King’s Lynn received a visit from students and teachers from the University of Innsbruck in Austria last week.

The students came to King's Lynn as part of the University architectural programme.  Their teachers had read about the Guildhall and Creative Hub project and felt it would be an inspiring and interesting one to base a semester of work on.

Cllr Graham Middleton, Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Business, Culture and Heritage, said:

“Officers were pleasantly surprised to get an email from the tutors from the University of Innsbruck expressing an interest in the Guildhall and the project. Tim FitzHigham gave them a warm welcome. It shows what an inspiring project we are undertaking with the Guildhall and Creative Hub.”

The 15 students and 2 tutors spent the morning touring the site with the borough council Cultural Officer and Creative Director, Tim FitzHigham:

“It was very exciting to have visitors here from Austria, to share with them the incredible history and physical presence of the buildings. The Guildhall and Creative Hub is something so magical here in King's Lynn and it was clear that this magic might help with the work they are doing. What really impressed me, apart from the fact they all spoke and understood English so very well, and didn't mind me trying my fledgling German on them, were their questions.  So many brilliant questions. We shared a lot of laughter as well as giving them hopefully a great understanding of the site which will help with the work they're doing - I can't wait to see what they come up with.”

Following the visit to the Guildhall and Creative Hub site the students spent the day in King's Lynn looking at other historic sites in the town.

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