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CIL funding applications

Groups and organisations, looking to deliver infrastructure to benefit the residents and businesses within the borough, are being invited to bid for CIL Infrastructure Funding

These application apply only to our (the Borough Council's) infrastructure funding. Parish payments are made automatically. But, Parishes are able to apply for this funding, in additional to their Parish payment

If you are a local or community groups thinking of applying for funding, we will require written confirmation that the Parish Council support your project, as part of the application process.

Can I apply for funding?

In order for a project to be considered for CIL funding, you need to meet the project type and be relevant to the infrastructure criteria. And:

  • the application form has been completed satisfactorily
  • the organisation has the legal right to carry out the proposed project
  • the project is clearly defined as ‘infrastructure necessary to support growth’
  • applications should not include a schedule of ongoing costs, to maintain the project, once it has been completed

CIL can be used to:

  • fund all of a project, or can be combined with funding available from other sources
  • increase the capacity of existing infrastructure or to repair failing infrastructure, if that is necessary to support development.

Our CIL governance document provides further information relating to:

  • project pre-application criteria
  • project scoring criteria
  • decision making processes

View the current CIL Governance Document

Our CIL infrastructure fund has been separated into two specific project types. This enables the funding to:

  • meet wider borough infrastructure requirements
  • support local community needs

Strategic infrastructure projects funding over £50,000

CIL funding may be offered to projects in the following areas:

  • education related to 18+ employment (post college based education)
  • transport – linked to the Lynn Transport Plan (link to plan)
  • environment – green areas linked to our Climate Change Policy

Local and Community projects funding between £2,000 and £50,000

CIL funding may be offered to projects in the following areas:

  • education – local initiatives
  • health
  • economic development
  • community facilities
  • green Infrastructure
  • open space and leisure
  • community transport

How to Apply for Funding

You can apply for CIL funding by submitting an online application

CIL Funding Applications must be submitted within the following timescales:

8am on the Start Date: 5pm on the Closing Date: Funding Application Title
01 January 2022 01 February 2022 FY22_1
01 July 2022 01 August 2022 FY22_2

How will funds be allocated

Eligible projects will be scored on their ability to meet the criteria set out within the Governance Document.

The decision making process, will commence after the application deadline has ended, to:

  • ensure that all projects are reviewed fairly and transparently
  • give each project the same opportunity for funding

A project being included on the CIL infrastructure list does not signify a guarantee of CIL funding. Whether a project receives CIL funding will depend on:

  • our priorities at the time of the application for funding being made, and
  • the amount of CIL funding available

CIL funding timetable

There will be 2 rounds of application in 2022 as follows::

Start Date Closing Date Decisions Made Funds Allocated
01 January 2022 01 February 2022 February/Early March 2022 Mid/End March
01 July 2022 01 August 2022 August/Early September Mid/End September 2022

We anticipate the following process/broad timetable for the current CIL funding application cycle.

The process following receipt of applications is as follows:

  • officers validate and score bids received against the CIL bid scoring criteria
  • valid bids will be reviewed by the CIL Spending Panel and Management Team and recommendations made
  • local and community project decisions will be made by the CIL Spending Panel and funds allocated
  • strategic project decisions will be made by Cabinet and funds allocated

Our aim is to consider and agree valid project bids as soon as possible to avoid delaying the spending plans of bodies bidding for money. A date for each CIL Spending Panel meeting will be announced on the Council Meetings Calendar.

We'll ensure timely release of funds when invoices are received for satisfactorily completed works.