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Apply for a visitor permit

How to apply for a permit for your visitors to park in a residents parking zone

How to apply

If you live in a residents parking zone, you may apply for a visitor permit to allow those visiting you to park.

The resident parking zones are:

The permit is for vehicles that will be parked on the street within the residents parking zone. You do not need a permit for parking on your driveway.

You may apply for one annual visitor permit or up to 365 virtual permits per property per year. However, if you have an annual visitor permit you will not be eligible for both. Once you have registered your details for virtual permits, you can purchase them as and when your visitors require them.

To apply for a visitor permit you'll need:

  • a utility bill for your address

Apply for a visitor annual permit or virtual vouchers

Permit prices

  • Visitor annual - £54 each
  • Visitor virtual permits - £1 each, sold in multiples of five

What happens next?

Once we've processed your application, we'll notify you by email. As it's a virtual permit, you won't need to display a permit. Once we've confirmed your application as complete, you'll be able to park. 

You'll need to renew your permit each year. We'll email you four weeks in advance of your permit needing renewal.

Further information

You can find out more in our terms and conditions document.