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Parish and town councils - CIL payments

Details of parish payments made to parish/town councils

Implications for parish/town councils

If you're a parish or town council we'll pass you 15% of CIL receipts that arise from development in your parish area.

Payments will be capped to £100 per Council Tax dwelling per year. For example, a parish council (PC) with over 500 dwellings can't receive more than £50,000 of CIL receipts per year.

In areas with a Neighbourhood Development Plan, we'll pass the PC 25% of CIL receipts, with no cap.

If the PC choose not to receive CIL, you must notify us of this decision. In such cases we'll spend the CIL income on the parish councils behalf, and in consultation with them.

CIL is paid in instalments over 2 months to 3 years, depending on the size of the development when building works start. Planning permissions can be valid for three years, so it may be a number of years before significant CIL payments are received.

Payment periods

We'll make payments:

  • from 1 April to 30 September to the PC by 28 October of that financial year
  • from 1 October to 31 March to the PC by 28 April of the following financial year

Parish/town CIL preparation

Your parish council may wish to think about the following before receiving CIL Payments:

  • do you have effective reporting mechanisms to show how the PC will spend CIL?
  • how will you decide what to spend CIL on?
  • how will you engage with the community on how to spend CIL?

To make clear what you expect CIL money to be spent on, you may wish to write a list of the infrastructure projects which the community sees as priorities for delivering, and would like to see provided with CIL funds.

Borough Council CIL payments to parish/town councils

Parishes are required to publish annual reports of how they have spent their CIL payments. These reports must be be received by 31 December each year. For more details, please visit our CIL financial reports page.

What does the CIL Officer do?

The CIL Officer is responsible for :

  • calculating the amount of CIL payable on individual developments, monitoring commencement of developments and payment of CIL
  • calculating the amount of CIL to be passed to PCs and reviewing their spending of CIL
  • producing annual financial reports

Further details

For any queries please contact our CIL Officer.