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Charging schedule

CIL charges and maps of the charging zones

CIL indexation

The amount of CIL payable is calculated when planning permission is granted.

Indexation will be applied to rates in the adopted CIL Charging Schedule on the 1 January annually.

Indexed CIL rates from 1 January 2022
Indexed CIL rate from 1 January 2022 (332) Indexed CIL rate from 1 January 2023 (355)
£46.43m2 £49.65m2
£69.65m2 £74.48m2
£116.08m2 £124.13m2

For more information on indexation, see CIL payments.

View our overview map of CIL Zones

The BCKLWN Charging Schedule was adopted on 15 February 2017.

Residential development

CIL rate

North East and East areas of the Borough

(East of the Great Ouse and north of A1122/A134)


South and West of the Borough

(West of the Great Ouse and south of A1122/A134, including Downham Market)


Retail development CIL rate

Supermarkets (including discount supermarkets)

Retail warehouses

All other retail development




All other development CIL rate is £0m2

Retail definition


Superstores and supermarkets are shopping destinations in their own right, where weekly food shopping needs are met, and which can also include non-food floorspace as part of the overall mix of the unit.

Retail warehouses

Retail warehouses are large stores specialising in the sale of household goods (such as carpets, furniture and electrical goods) DIY items and other ranges of goods catering for mainly car-borne customers.