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CIL appeals

How and when you can appeal a CIL charge 

Who can appeal?

In certain circumstances, you can appeal our decision relating to your CIL liability.

If you have any questions, or disagree with any aspect of the CIL, please contact the CIL Officer on 01553 616443 before making an appeal.

Calculation of CIL liability

If you disagree with the calculation of your CIL liability, you may request a review under Section 113 of the CIL Regulations. To do this, please complete and return the CIL reg 113 review form. 

To complete the form you'll need:

  • the site address and description
  • planning application number
  • liability notice date

Download the CIL review form

You can email the form to us, or send it in the post (our contact details are at the bottom of the page).

Appeal types

You may appeal the following:

  • calculation of chargeable amount
  • apportionment of liability
  • charitable relief
  • residential annexe exemption
  • self build exemption
  • surcharges
  • commencement of development
  • issuing of a stop notice

Further information

Guidance on how to appeal against a CIL notice are available on the GOV.UK website.

To find out more about the types of appeals, please visit the Planning Practice Guidance website.