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Farmers' Markets

Find out what Farmers' Markets offer, and where you can find one

Farmers' Markets - The golden rules

More than ever, Farmers' Markets are good for farmers, rural communities, market towns, the environment, your health and your taste buds.

There are three golden rules that should apply to a genuine Farmers' Market. They are:

  • producers must be local, defined as within a specified radius of the market. This is preferably 50 miles. But if there are no local producers who wish to attend the market, then a radius of up to a 100 miles would be considered
  • producers must sell their own produce. Bakers and similar providers must use a minimum of one local ingredient
  • the person behind the stall must be the producers, a close family member or an employee directly involved with production. Customers can then ask questions about how it was produced

What Farmers' Markets offer

Farmers' Markets offer:

  • local produce
  • an opportunity to talk to producers about where the food you eat is grown, how animals are reared and how food is processed
  • excellent food preparation tips and cooking instructions
  • organic produce (normally available)
  • an excellent choice of products

Typical produce available

The typical produce available is:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meats including sausage specialists
  • free range eggs
  • specialist cheeses
  • homemade fruit juices
  • bread
  • jams
  • pickles
  • beer
  • honey
  • game
  • shellfish
  • cakes
  • homemade pies
  • olives
  • handmade textiles
  • jewellery stalls

Local Farmer's Markets

We have one monthly market. This takes place on the second Saturday of the month, 9:00am to 2:00pm, on the Saturday Market Place. It runs from March through to December, and is in the Minster when the weather is poor.

You can find out more on the Discover King's Lynn website.

Further information

For information on how to trade at the Farmer's Markets, please email for further details.