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Severe weather advice

Where to find information about severe weather

Severe weather

Severe weather can affect parts of West Norfolk in different ways, and at different times of the year.

Severe weather refers to heavy rain, winds, dense fog and severe snow and ice.

The Met Office has a series of warnings that it uses for severe weather. You can find further information on the Norfolk Resilience Forum website. You can also look at the Met Office's severe weather alerts.

Further information

There are many sources of information about severe weather, including:

Local travel news

If you're planning a journey it may be worth checking the local travel news, to see if there are any disruptions. You can check local travel news on the following websites:

The latest traffic information, and road issues can be found on the Highways England website.


If you're travelling by train, travel information can be found on the following websites:


If you're travelling by bus, information can be found on the following websites: