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Animal welfare appeals and re-rating

Find out how to appeal your rating, or get your premises re-rated

Ask for a re-rating

If you disagree with your premises rating, you can ask for it to be re-rated. You must have been awarded a rating between one and four, and have since taken actions to improve your rating. 

To request a re-rating, please email or write to us outlining the actions you've taken to improve, and if possible, please include supporting evidence. We'll then assess whether we can re-rate your premises.

We can refuse to undertake a re-rating. But, if we do, we'll give you reasons why, and your existing licence will remain under the same terms.

If we decide to re-inspect, you must pay the inspection fee. We'll then visit within three months. We may arrange this with you, or choose to turn up unannounced.

If your rating changes as a result of the re-inspection, we'll change your licence and send you a new one for display. Please be aware, although unlikely, your rating can go down as a result of the inspection.

There is no limit to the number of times you can ask for a re-inspection. But each time you apply, you'll need to pay the fee.

Appeal your rating

If you believe the star rating given does not reflect the animal welfare standards of your business, you can appeal.

We recommend that you speak to the officer that inspected your business first. They'll explain to you how the rating was worked out. If you still want to appeal after informal discussions, you'll need to email or write to us. You must appeal within 21 days of the licence being issued. 

We have 21 days, from receiving your appeal, to make a decision and respond. To make a decision, we may need to visit you. If the visit doesn't result in a higher award, you'll need to pay the visit fee.

Once we've made a decision, we'll let you know the outcome.

If you disagree with our decision, you can apply for a judicial review. Or, if you feel we haven't handled your case properly, you can lodge a complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman.

Further information

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