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Licence conditions

Information about the conditions that may be attached to your licence


When we issue a licence there will be conditions attached. Conditions mainly cover health and safety areas such as:

  • spacing
  • fire safety
  • parking
  • roads
  • supply and storage of gas
  • electrical installations

We will assess each site individually, and will tailor the conditions to each site. But we do have standard conditions for:

  • single occupancy sites - where people in each caravan are usually related to each other (such as single family sites)  
  • multi occupancy sites - where people are not related to each other (for example, park homes) 

Both standard conditions documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Other considerations

We also have to consider the licence holders ability to manage and maintain the site.

Site licences are normally not time limited. However, where temporary planning permission is granted the licence will be time limited also.

There will need to be a new application to transfer the licence if the site is sold to a new owner. This application must be made by the existing site licence holder.

A variation to the licence will need to be made if there are changes such as additional pitches.