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Fees, forms and documents

Forms and documents available for downloading, and relevant bereavement fees and charges

Application for Cremation

The paperwork you may need to complete is outlined below.

Mintlyn paperwork

Our cremation instructions and music requests forms are normally completed by the Funeral Director acting on your behalf. But should you wish to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director, then these forms should be completed by you. They can only have one named applicant.

If you would like to reserve chapel time for a memorial service, you can do this by downloading our application form for a memorial service in Mintlyn crematorium.

Statutory paperwork

Produced by the Ministry of Justice, the following statutory paperwork is required before any cremation can take place.

A cremation can take place when all statutory paperwork has been received. It must be be submitted by the funeral director or you the applicant (if not using a funeral director) by 9am three working days before the date of the service.

Cremation Form 1 - Application for Cremation of a Body

Application for cremation of a body of a person who has died is to be completed by the applicant for the cremation, which is usually a near relative or an executor.

All the questions on this form must be answered and all parts of the form must be completed before it is passed to the crematorium. Your Funeral Director can assist applicants in providing any information that is required.

Part 5 Inspection of Certificates should only be completed if you or your representative wishes to view the Cremation 4 form.

Part 6 is where you advice Mintlyn what you want to do after the cremation has taken place. If you're undecided, please select option 2 or 3.

This form can now be completed and submitted electronically to Mintlyn Crematorium with an 'electronic signature', providing that the name in the signature box in Part 8 Statement of Truth matches the person named Part 3 Details of the Person who has Died.

Change of Instructions for Cremation

This form should only be completed and used after the Cremation Form 1 has been given to Mintlyn. It updates any Part 6 instructions before or after the funeral has taken place. It must be signed by the same person that signed the Cremation Form 1.

Cremation Form 4 - Medical Certificate

Cremation Form 4 will be completed by the doctor attending the deceased, and a second independent doctor. Your Funeral Director will normally arrange this for you and pay the doctor's fees on your behalf (disbursements).

If the death is not referred to the Coroner but a hospital Post Mortem takes place then Form 5 is not required.

If the death is referred to the Coroner, then the Coroner will forward directly to us a Cremation form 6 - Certificate of Coroner. This replaces the need for Cremation Form 4 and 5.

When the death is registered, and where the death has not been referred to the Coroner, the Registrar will issue a Certificate for Burial or Cremation, sometimes known as 'the green form'. This certificate must be given to us along with the other Cremation forms.

After cremation - your instructions

Once a cremation service has taken place a decision needs to be made as to the final resting place for the cremated remains. You can download the application form below to tell us your decision about memorials or the final resting place. If you had not made a decision when completing Cremation Instructions, then we will automatically send you an application form one week after the funeral.

Application for Burial/Interment

The application for burial/interment is to be completed to advise our Mintlyn Crematorium office of the requirements for the burial funeral service at our five cemeteries. This form is normally completed by the Funeral Director acting on behalf of the family. But should you wish to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director, then this form should be completed. You can find the application form below.

At the time the death is registered the Registrar will provide a certificate for Burial or Cremation if no Post Mortem is to take place. If a Post Mortem takes place the Coroner will issue a certificate for Burial or Cremation. This certificate must also be given to us three days before the cremation can take place.

If you would like to purchase a grave in one of our cemeteries where there is someone already buried please download the application form below.

Application to put a headstone on a purchased grave

The Application to Erect a Memorial in a Council owned Cemetery is completed before any form of permanent memorial is erected on a purchased grave. Headstones are not permitted on unpurchased graves.

Bereavement Fees and Charges

Our fee documents showing funeral expenses for our cemeteries and crematorium can be found below. you can also find below the following additional documents: