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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days.

25 April 2018Wednesday10:00Hardy, Walter Frederick
25 April 2018Wednesday11:30Melloy, Cheryl Anne
25 April 2018Wednesday12:15Stone, Janet
25 April 2018Wednesday13:00Haynes, George William
25 April 2018Wednesday13:45Wing, Eleanor Lillian
25 April 2018Wednesday14:30Bennett, Barry
25 April 2018Wednesday15:15Hammond, Margaret Rose
25 April 2018Wednesday16:00Taylor, Spencer John
26 April 2018Thursday09:15Kuzmenok, Anatolij
26 April 2018Thursday10:00Russell, Gertrude Edna Rose
26 April 2018Thursday10:45Aris, Norma
26 April 2018Thursday11:30Jones, Margaret Bessie
26 April 2018Thursday12:15Rayner, Keith
26 April 2018Thursday13:00Cox, Antony Charles William
26 April 2018Thursday13:45Glynn, Kenneth Arthur
26 April 2018Thursday14:30Eastman, John William
26 April 2018Thursday15:15Kirby, Walter Binnington
26 April 2018Thursday16:00Larner, Reginald George
27 April 2018Friday09:15Guymer, Peter Edward
27 April 2018Friday10:00Crombie, David Alan Guillaume
27 April 2018Friday10:45Potter, Raymond Charles
27 April 2018Friday11:30Mason, Barbara
27 April 2018Friday12:15Gaydon, Brian Stubbs
27 April 2018Friday13:00Bigland, Christine
27 April 2018Friday13:45Piercey, Leslie Michael
27 April 2018Friday14:30Mann, John Henry
27 April 2018Friday15:15Dawn, Aubrey Joyce
27 April 2018Friday16:00Benton, Royston
30 April 2018Monday09:15Dickerson, Doreen Lillian
30 April 2018Monday10:00Juceviciute, Leja
30 April 2018Monday10:45Douglas, Louise
30 April 2018Monday11:30Connor, Robert Walter
30 April 2018Monday12:15Edwards, Jeanette Madeline Florence
30 April 2018Monday13:00Egan, Jean Ann
30 April 2018Monday13:45Mundy, Brian
30 April 2018Monday14:30Stead, Maureen
30 April 2018Monday15:15Liddle, Thomas Clifford Middleton
30 April 2018Monday16:00Thompson, Stephen Paul
1 May 2018Tuesday10:00Giftkins, Dale Anthony
1 May 2018Tuesday10:45Melder, Irene Lilian
1 May 2018Tuesday11:30Tuck, Rita
1 May 2018Tuesday12:15Fountain, Ann Marie
1 May 2018Tuesday13:00Phelps, John William
1 May 2018Tuesday13:45Follows, Beryl Jean
1 May 2018Tuesday14:30Braker, Rodney
1 May 2018Tuesday15:15Lincoln, Brian Leonard
1 May 2018Tuesday16:00McAllister, Stuart Irvine
2 May 2018Wednesday09:15Lowne, Gordon
2 May 2018Wednesday10:00Burton, Betty
2 May 2018Wednesday10:45Manning, Margaret
2 May 2018Wednesday11:30Halls, Timothy Arthur
2 May 2018Wednesday12:15Fovargue, John
2 May 2018Wednesday13:00Wright, Sophie
2 May 2018Wednesday13:45Nash, Joan Margaret
2 May 2018Wednesday14:30Fincham, Maurice George
2 May 2018Wednesday15:15Hunt, Edward Martin
2 May 2018Wednesday16:00Driver, Clifford