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Mintlyn Crematorium forthcoming service diary

A list of all funeral services at Mintlyn Crematorium during the next seven days.

22 January 2018Monday09:15Robinson, Nathan Daniel
22 January 2018Monday10:00Benstead, Alan
22 January 2018Monday10:45Caister, Rosaline Mary
22 January 2018Monday11:30Jackson, Frank Alfred
22 January 2018Monday12:15Barker, Marjorie
22 January 2018Monday13:00Rockett, Jack
22 January 2018Monday13:45Reeve, Rosa Bianca
22 January 2018Monday14:30Floodgate, Patricia Mary
22 January 2018Monday15:15Woodruff, Harry Frederick
22 January 2018Monday16:00Walton, Margaret Ellen
23 January 2018Tuesday09:15Carkeek, Penelope Ann
23 January 2018Tuesday10:00Jones, John Thomas
23 January 2018Tuesday10:45Rayner, Maureen Mary
23 January 2018Tuesday11:30How, Valerie Eileen
23 January 2018Tuesday12:15Leatherland, Ronald
23 January 2018Tuesday13:00Hooper, Irene May
23 January 2018Tuesday13:45Koch, Jennifer Anne
23 January 2018Tuesday14:30Mason, Mark Andrew James
23 January 2018Tuesday15:15Peeling, David Walter
23 January 2018Tuesday16:00Curtis, Winifred Margaret
23 January 2018Tuesday16:45Kenney, Isabel Mary
24 January 2018Wednesday09:15Collister, Dorothy
24 January 2018Wednesday10:00Etheridge, John Ernest
24 January 2018Wednesday10:45Wright, Rose Helen
24 January 2018Wednesday11:30Barratt, Joyce Rose
24 January 2018Wednesday12:15Smith, Desmond Keith
24 January 2018Wednesday13:00Christianson, Marlin Emil
24 January 2018Wednesday13:45Thompson, Marjorie Muriel
24 January 2018Wednesday14:30Peake, Audrey
24 January 2018Wednesday15:15Blacklock, Ronald Benson
24 January 2018Wednesday16:00Everett, Adelaide
25 January 2018Thursday09:15Hase, Jean Bessie
25 January 2018Thursday10:45Newnes, Frances
25 January 2018Thursday11:30Power, Daneta Marguerite
25 January 2018Thursday12:15Linkson, Jean Veronica
25 January 2018Thursday13:00Johnson, Leslie
25 January 2018Thursday13:45Moore, David
25 January 2018Thursday14:30Massen, Veronica
25 January 2018Thursday15:15Bartram, Jane
25 January 2018Thursday16:00Watts, Pamela Jean
25 January 2018Thursday16:45Richards, Valerie Olga
26 January 2018Friday09:15Harding, Frederick
26 January 2018Friday10:00Keeler, Daniel Mark
26 January 2018Friday10:45Batten, David Roy
26 January 2018Friday11:30Hyam, Cyril Walter
26 January 2018Friday12:15Farrell, Ronald David Mcdowall
26 January 2018Friday13:00Eades, Michael David
26 January 2018Friday13:45Start, Anthony Edward William
26 January 2018Friday14:30Saywell, Patricia Eileen
26 January 2018Friday15:15Spinks, Margaret
26 January 2018Friday16:00Piggott, Maureen Margaret
27 January 2018Saturday10:45Hobson, John Douglas