Rubbish Bin (Black Bin)

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We are working hard to reduce the amount of waste we put in the black bin which gets sent to landfill. With the introduction of alternate weekly collections we will not only increase our recycling rates, but the change to the contract will reduce our costs by around £1 million a year, which will help us to continue to keep our element of the council tax bill low, whilst protecting vital services in the borough.


We are responsible for the collection and disposal of household rubbish throughout the borough.  This is a vital service that makes the area a healthy, safe and clean place to live.


We will:

  • Collect your rubbish on the day highlighted on your calendar
  • Put your bins back where we collected them from
  • Advertise well in advance any changes to the collection service within the local press.

Please can you work with us by:

  • Putting the wheelie bin at the edge of your property for emptying
  • On your collection day please have the bin at the collection point by 7am
  • Using the recycling facilities, where possible
  • Using the food waste bin every week
  • Composting garden waste, where possible.

The following can be put in your black bin:

  • Crisp packets
  • Disposable nappies/stoma bags
  • Wrapping paper
  • Pet waste
  • General rubbish

The following should not be put in your black bin:

  • Food waste
  • Recycling


Last updated: 02 September 2014
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