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Our carbon audit

About our level of greenhouse gas emissions, and view our current 2019/20 audit

Our carbon audit report

We emitted 4,455.8 tonnes of CO2e in the 2019/2020 financial year. This is a 5% decrease from 2018/2019 base year.

We started an annual carbon audit programme in 2018/2019. Previous greenhouse gas emissions were reported until 2014/2015, in accordance with previous National Indicator 185 guidance.

Our carbon audits cover the financial year and are reported on a yearly basis. Official Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors are used to calculate our emissions.

Our carbon audits are developed in accordance with the ‘Environmental Reporting Guidelines’ set by BEIS. Additionally, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol ‘Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard’ and the Carbon Trust ‘Carbon Footprinting Guide’ have been used to inform our reporting procedure.

Reporting scopes

  • Scope one - Gas consumption, oil consumption and vehicle fleet emissions
  • Scope two - Electricity consumption emissions
  • Scope three - Transmission and distribution losses, water supply, water treatment, business travel and contractor travel emissions

View our 2019/2020 carbon audit

You can also view our 2018/2019 carbon audit.