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Climate change work plan

Information about the climate change work we're doing

What we're doing

We're working towards:

  • reducing our contribution to climate change
  • preparing for the impacts of climate change
  • reducing our CO2e emissions in line with the UK 2050 net zero target

We will:

  • complete a carbon audit of the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk's (BCKLWN) carbon emissions for the 2020/2021 financial year
  • complete a review of whole district's emissions for the 2019 Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy data release
  • administer the Climate Change Officer Working Group (CCOWG) to help with our aims and make recommendations
  • consider best practice and work towards being a climate change exemplar authority
  • develop and implement a climate change strategy & action plan
  • participate in the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership (NCCP)
  • engage with local stakeholders and interested parties

Our objectives

Objectives 2021/22 Target date
Provide updates to Cabinet, Management Team and E&C Panel As required
Continue engagement with the CCOWG Ongoing
Engage with local stakeholders and interested parties as required Ongoing
Engage and participate in the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership Ongoing
Administer task and finish groups as required Ongoing
Start and complete the 2020/2021 BCKLWN carbon audit July 2021
Start and complete the 2019 district CO₂ “emissions bubble” report September 2021
Adopt the climate change strategy and action plan 2021 - 2022
Complete the Lynnsport pilot tree planting project March 2022
Implement strategy and action plan actions Ongoing