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Council Tax is a local tax to help pay for local services. The following pages help explain about how the tax is set, where the money is spent, what discounts are available and how to pay.


Council Tax and Housing Benefit


Council Tax Support is used to help meet the cost of your Council Tax. Housing Benefit is used to help meet the cost of your rental accommodation and could possibly pay up to 100% of your rent. Use these pages to see if you are eligible for help.




Non Domestic Rates is a tax imposed by Central Government on the majority of non domestic property in the country. It is collected by Local Authorities on behalf of Central Government.


Local Authorities pay the monies collected into the Non Domestic Rating Pool.  Each financial year this Pool is redistributed back to the Local Authorities and the money used to provide local services.



Data Protection

The Borough Council will not use or process personal information in any way that contravenes its notified purposes or in any way that would constitute a breach of Data Protection law. Depending on the nature of your contact we will use the information you provide to assess your eligibility of Housing Benefit; or Council Tax Support; or to assess your Council Tax or Business Rates liability and to process your account/claim.


We may check the information you provide against other sources as allowed under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will share information with other Departments within the Council as allowed by law. We may also be required to provide information to organisations such as other Government bodies, local authorities or the Police as allowed by the Data Protection Act 1998. This includes the provision of Council Tax data to the Audit Commission for cross referencing against the Register of Electors to verify reductions in Council Tax Liability.

Last updated: 01 April 2016
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