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How we maintain and promote geodiversity 

What is Geodiversity?

Geodiversity is the natural range (diversity) of geological features, of which Norfolk has a rich heritage of, including:

  • rocks, minerals, fossils, structures
  • geomorphological features (landforms and processes)
  • soil and water features that make up the landscape

Geodiversity is the physical aspect of nature. It forms the non-biological substrate for all living things, including human life. 

It is valuable for many reasons, including economic, scientific, educational and cultural. It is worth preserving for the benefit of present and future generations of people - and all living things.

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires the planning system to contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment. And to protect and enhance valued landscapes, geological conservation interests and soils.  Planning policies should aim to prevent harm to geological conservation interests.

The Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership

The aims of the Norfolk Geodiversity Partnership are to record, maintain and promote appreciation of the county's geological and geomorphological diversity, through the Norfolk Geodiversity Action Plan