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Information about our role in protecting biodiversity

How we protect biodiversity

Biodiversity is the term applied to the variety of life on Earth. It can refer to:

  • a particular species
  • a group of species
  • an individual plant or tree, to a whole habitat

Biodiversity can cover the genetic make up of a single cell of DNA, to all the organisms that make up the planet.

Biodiversity influences all aspects of the quality of our lives. From it we get the ingredients which contribute to many things, including:

  • making fuel
  • medicine
  • cosmetics and construction materials

Biodiversity also improves the places where we live; providing exercise, recreation and relaxation. So it's essential that we protect biodiversity, and improve it from an international through to local level.

The planning process

The planning and development process has an important role to play. It can help remove, or at least control, some of the pressure. We work with legislation to make sure that we're fulfilling our duties towards biodiversity as a local planning authority.

Failure to address biodiversity issues may cause a planning application to be refused.

Further information on planning and biodiversity net gain is available at our biodiversity net gain homepage below.

Biodiversity net gain homepage

Local Development Framework

We're also in the process of preparing the Local Development Framework (LDF). Policies in this document will aim to protect and improve our biodiversity in the borough.

A Green Infrastructure Study is currently being undertaken. It will identify areas of multi-functional green space, including areas for biodiversity to do well.

More information is available in our:

  • Working in Partnership to Improve Biodiversity in the Borough document
  • Biodiversity in the LDF document

You can find both documents at the bottom of this page.

Designated sites and protected species

We have a variety of chosen sites for biodiversity and nature conservation. These range from International, European, National and Local sites of importance.

We are lucky to have a large number of chosen sites, most of which are easily accessible. Please note, that some of these sites, although open to the public, support rare and fragile species and ecosystems. Therefore, before visiting, it's important to check if the site is open, or restrictions apply. You can usually find this information on the managing organisations website.

Further information is available from our chosen sites and protected species documents, and other biodiversity documents. These can be found at the bottom of this web page.