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The Planning service is responsible for a wide range of issues such as Planning Applications, Conservation and Trees, Planning Enforcement, Planning Policy and the Local Development Framework.


The Duty Planner is available Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 1pm.


Planning Areas 


Planning Officer contact details and North/South Team Parish distribution.


Categories in Planning:


Planning Applications Planning Guide/Planning FAQ's
Planning Enforcement Planning Agents Forum


Conservation, Trees, Hedges and Landscape


Planning Policy and Local Development Framework
Five Year Supply of Housing Land 


PublicAccess for Planning is an online system which allows you to view details of planning applications received by us, comment and object on them. The planning application details contained within the system are updated on a continuous basis.


By law you have 21 days from the latest date of either; when the site notice is displayed at the site, you are notified as a neighbour or if a formal advert appears in the newspaper. If you are looking at an application online using public access, this information can be found by selecting Important Dates.


Please note that whilst we will accept comments made after this time we cannot guarantee that a decision has not already been made on an application, so it is advisable to make your comments as soon as possible


The system provides the ability to set up pro-active, personal email notifications, based on the applications and locations you are interested in.  Other significant features include improved search options and improved accessibility.


The Council will remove and disregard any comments that it judges to be either defamatory, offensive or discriminatory.  If you wish to report a comment, please email borough.planning@west-norfolk.gov.uk


The Council may consider reporting any such offensive comments to the police or relevant authorities.


Categories in Planning Applications Online:



View, comment and object to Planning Applications online


How do I view, comment and object to a Planning Application?
About PublicAccess for Planning PublicAccess User Guide 


Building Control

Building Control is responsible for the enforcement of the national building regulations. From 1 September 2010, Building Control services are provided in partnership with CNC Building Control


Categories in Building Control:


 CNC Building Control


Address Management

Address Management is the new name for Local Land and Property Gazetteer and Street Naming and Numbering. It is very important that you consult with us regarding any new or change of address.


From 2 July 2012, we now make a charge for street naming and numbering. 


If your property is not correctly registered, it could lead to problems such as the emergency services being unable to locate your property in an emergency situation.


Categories in Address Management:


Address Management Explained

Naming Your House

Address Management Application Forms

Address Management Contact Details


Last updated: 21 December 2015
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